Dr. Sheila Flanagan

Research Associate


Originally qualified as an Electronic Engineer Sheila worked on a variety of projects including digital video, telecoms (the first UK cable TV set top box) and thermal imaging systems (projects included NASA Space Shuttle). It was whilst studying for an MSc. in Music Technology at the University of York,  Sheila grew fascinated with psychoacoustics.  After a couple of years as a research engineer in the audio industry Sheila was fortunate to be admitted to the University of Cambridge, Auditory Perception Laboratory, to study under the supervision of Professor Brian Moore. In 2005, Sheila received her PhD for research into ‘The influence of loudspeaker type on timbre perception’.

After a career break to care for her two sons, Sheila returned to research at the University of Cambridge with a Daphne Jackson Fellowship in the Centre for Neuroscience in Education. Here she researched aspects of the ‘phonological deficit’ theory of developmental dyslexia, particularly, amplitude envelope sensitivity.

Sheila is currently working as a research associate in the department of Psychology, Auditory Perception Laboratory and the Centre for Neuroscience in Education.


Research Interests:

Phonological Processing

            Spatial hearing: In a world full of noise and cocktail parties, how do we understand anything?



Member of the British Society of Audiology and The Audio Engineering Society


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